Scheduler: Simple, secure and powerful CRM. See the 12 features of this complete platform   



Complex and full of confusing details, difficult to feed and consult. Is that how you see CRM systems?

If you are looking for a simple but complete CRM, and are thinking of implementing a Customer Relationship Management platform in your company, you need to know the Agent.

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Agenda is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams.


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Agenda offers a simple, intuitive and complete CRM tool, capable of helping your business at all times. From prospecting to post-sales, customer relationship strategies in Agenda’s sales CRM become more effective, positively impacting your results.

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Then continue reading this special content to understand how the Simple Agent CRM works and how our solution can be useful for your business.

Simple and complete CRM: get to know 13 Scheduler features

The Scheduler has several other features! But we’ve selected 12 of the most efficient one’s for you to see how simple it is to use, yet complete.

1 – Sales Funnel Management

CRM and Sales Funnel can be a powerful combination for your business.

The Sales Funnel is a representation of the steps that the potential customer takes during their purchase journey. These stages range from attraction (top of the Funnel), through the consideration of the proposed solution (middle of the Funnel) and reaching the closing of the deal (bottom of the Funnel).

With the incorporation of CRM to the Sales Funnel, it is easier to manage each step of the commercial process.

This is because CRM stores relevant data and information about each potential customer, such as the main pains and needs, preferences, decision-makers profile, purchase history, etc. Everything is updated in real time.

In addition, all paths already taken by Funnel and previous services are also registered, allowing the salesperson to have more agility, fluidity and assertiveness in sales.

2 – Performance monitoring

In addition to being able to combine CRM and Sales Funnel, the Customer Relationship Management solution from Agenda also allows monitoring the performance of sales teams.

With our sales CRM tool, you can track individual and collective sales results. The simple and powerful CRM of the Agenda is able to generate very complete reports automatically, which contributes to gain valuable insights.

Thus, it is possible to increase the commercial intelligence of your business and make the necessary adjustments to reach the previously established goals.

3 – Data synchronization on mobile version

Another feature of the Agenda simple CRM tool that is worth mentioning is the possibility of accessing the system in the mobile version and synchronizing all the data from the web version.

With our app, available for the Android and is operating systems, you avoid having to do the same tasks twice, such as scheduling visits and registering new prospects. Everything that is done on your computer is automatically synchronized with the app installed on your phone.

In the Agenda or application, the seller can access all information about their negotiations without needing to be in the office. This makes the sales process more agile, optimizing your time.

4 – Intelligent flow of activities

The management of customers with the simple CRM from the Agenda also optimizes the flow of activities, which becomes more intelligent.

Our sales CRM tool gives suggestions on the next actions that the seller should take so that negotiations can evolve.

When the salesperson concludes a meeting and registers it in the system, the CRM itself suggests that the sales professional schedule a new meeting or send a first proposal, for example.

In this way, the salesperson prevents his prospect from “cooling off” and the relationship with the customer is strengthened.

5 – Availability of information even offline

The Scheduler Sales CRM application can also be accessed and edited offline. This is a very beneficial feature for sellers. This is because, in the case of external sales, it will not always be able to count on good mobile internet coverage.

In this case, the professional will be able to handle the app normally, even without network access. Offline edits are synced as soon as your internet signal is restored.

6 – Creating sales routes

Customer management with the simple CRM of the Agent also makes it possible to create sales routes. Our app allows you to locate customers geographically and create a map for sellers.

Thus, they are able to create a tour itinerary, reduce travel operating costs and optimize the time of each visit.

In addition, sellers avoid getting lost in places they don’t know and moving to outdated addresses.

7 – Calendar of activities

The Agent also has a calendar for you to better organize your activities, which helps you prioritize opportunities and facilitates customer management with a simple CRM.

In addition, the Scheduler’s activities calendar allows you to better visualize your appointments and better plan the use of the time you have available.

8 – Open API and possibility to perform integrations

Another feature of the Scheduler that is also worth mentioning is its open API.

This gives users the freedom to integrate other tools they already use, such as customer service, marketing and ERP. Integrations can be fully customized.

9 – Set up notifications and stay on top of things

Scheduler’s simple and complete CRM also allows you to set up notifications so that you are always reminded of your appointments and tasks that need to be performed by you and your sales team.

It is possible to program the software to send, daily, an email with all the activities scheduled for the day in question. Thus, the entire team can start the day already knowing the entire schedule and properly aligned.

10 – Access to customer and trade history

The relationship with the customer in Agenda’s CRM becomes more efficient, as the tool offers access to the history of each of the customers and the progress of negotiations.

Calls, e-mails and meeting reports are stored on the platform, as well as the specific characteristics of customers and everything covered in other interactions.

In this way, salespeople can take a more personalized approach and show that they have a deep understanding of customers and their relationship with the company.


11 – Customer portfolio

In Scheduler, all your contacts are managed in one place. Enough of countless spreadsheets and scattered and mismatched information.

Our CRM platform centralizes information about your customers. This allows you to have a clearer and more objective view of your business opportunities.

With Agenda’s simple CRM, you can also segment your customers in a personalized way, according to criteria that you define yourself.

12 – Complete customization

Speaking of customization, the CRM from the Agent allows you to make the adaptations you find necessary. The intention is to promote a “fit” between the platform and the reality of your commercial process.

One of the possible customizations concerns the reasons for losing a business. In the system, it is possible to map all the reasons for the loss of opportunities, such as price and delivery times.

Our CRM makes it possible to record the impediments to the closing of contracts according to the specific characteristics of your business model. With this complete mapping, you can make the necessary changes to avoid losing sales.

Another customization you can do with the Scheduler is the products and services that your company offers. On our CRM platform, you can register your entire product mix and make quick associations with your sales opportunities. This makes it easier to cross-sell and up-sell,

Considering that some solutions may take more or less time to be commercialized, the Agenda also allows you to customize the stages of your Sales Funnel according to the particularities of your commercial process. You can create and rename the steps in a way that makes the most sense for your team.

Now that you’ve seen so much information about the Scheduler, how about listening to someone who has worked with it?

Free CRM: How Does It Work?

Are you an individual salesperson, entrepreneur or part of a sales team that does not yet have a CRM system in place?

Agenda or offers a free version of its CRM platform. To use it without having to pay anything, simply register on our website.

Although the features and functionality are more basic compared to the paid version, you can manage your relationship with your customers well and automate some tasks.

If you like it, you can upgrade to the Pro plan and have access to all the features this complete software has to offer. When migrating, your data will not be lost.