Making a company’s SWOT analysis is one of the most traditional methods used to define business strategies. Together with the Porter Matrix, the BCG Matrix and the An off Matrix, we can consider this set of matrices as the golden quartet of the most traditional strategic marketing tools used to date to define business plans, annual company plans and strategic planning. No […]

Send a message of encouragement at work We’ve separated for you a series of messages of encouragement at work that can change an ugly face or serve as an elegant way to give a nice compliment so that your collaborator will never forget and, who knows, repeat around, quoting your name as someone who taught […]

Is the sales team not showing the results? Follow our sales checklist and resolve this issue Many sales teams experience a tense atmosphere of pressure and strain in their routine. Mainly with the problems faced by the economy, which cause the closure of many companies and drop in sales. Salespeople end up being the front-line professionals who carry the company’s future profits […]

I bet every salesperson knows this scenario: a new month has started and the manager is already charging for the delivery of the previous month’s sales report. And then that routine begins: open the Excel spreadsheet; collect data on all deals closed; Fill out the report, being aware of possible errors and celebrating the fact […]