CRM software can help a lot in managing your company, but you also need to implement a CRM culture. Those who are entrepreneurs and need to be aware of all the activities of their company have a very busy work routine and full of commitments. For some time now, information technology and the internet have proved […]

Do you know what cross-selling and up-selling is?  A great opportunity to fully exploit your customer’s purchasing potential. Much is said about how a sales team could make an up-selling strategy to increase sales and make the customer buy more. Salespeople hear this in sales courses, in books, and they wonder how they could create a strategy for their customers to pay a little […]

A culture of results is imperative in any company that dreams of taking the high ground. In sales, then, culture is an essential part of a team’s differential. The nature of every salesperson is guided by ambition and meritocracy and the culture of your team must represent this basis. Understanding that everyone is there to make money is necessary, […]

It is not only in fiction that you find the best tips and inspirations for your sales career. You can also learn great lessons from documentaries and the “real life stories” they tell! You’ve probably already received several movie tips to help you overcome challenges and inspire your career as a salesperson, right? It is not by chance that we can […]

A year after the Covid pandemic began, adapting to remote sales still poses a challenge for many sales managers. In addition, just when there was some prospect of improvement, we experienced the most serious moment so far. As a result, many sectors are again being affected by the restrictive measures needed to contain the pandemic. As such, adapting […]

Complex and full of confusing details, difficult to feed and consult. Is that how you see CRM systems? If you are looking for a simple but complete CRM, and are thinking of implementing a Customer Relationship Management platform in your company, you need to know the Agent. Bonus: make your team achieve high sales performance with our CRM platform Agenda […]