How to correctly control and manage your company


how to manage small business control

Learn how to manage a company in an easy and productive way

The life of a small business is full of challenges: First, managers often play multiple roles: the administrative manager accumulates finance and personnel functions, while the commercial manager accumulates HR.

In addition, each manager has a longer and messy workday precisely because he is unable to increase his productivity, nor does he know how to organize his time.

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In the midst of all this, when managers are struggling to fulfill different roles within a small business, they still need to keep track of sales, inventory control and management targets.

In this context, how to manage a small business?

Just reading this far, you must have gotten tired already, isn’t it? After all, the control routine of a small company is really an arduous task and it can end up directly affecting productivity and results.

In order for you to take the reins and control of a company, you need to have as much information available. And to help you find this and other management facilities, we have selected 4 tips on how to control a company with the help of technology.

How to run a small business with the help of technology

There is no way to manage a company without the help of information technology. Especially the small business, which cannot stop. It is necessary to grow and, in the midst of it all, it is necessary not to lose control! Or else everything could go down the drain.

But today, small businesses have advantages that didn’t exist until recently. Managers can use technology to help them ensure the quality of their work through collaborative software and the facilities that cloud computing has brought, with the possibility of using Saabs business applications, that is: sold as services monthly subscription (at great prices!), which you use in the right measure and for the exact number of collaborators who need them.

We know how the subject of productivity and management can be a challenge for small businesses and, for this reason, we have brought some tips from a well-known financial and accounting management system, Nebo , and other business administration suggestions to help manage your company.

how to manage small business control

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What is Nebo?

The Nebo is a financial management system for micro and small businesses, self-employed and professionals, offering excellent management control for companies that need more financial organization.

In addition, the tool can also be accessed via mobile, with versions for Android and is.

Now that you know a little more about Nebo, see how you can gain from working with this tool and the Scheduler.

1. Facilitate communication between sales and finance

Every self-respecting sales team knows their customers’ sales process well. After all, it is precisely this process that determines whether customers are ready to purchase.

Therefore, the sales process is the path that the salesperson must take to close a new contract and keep the customer.  In other words, when a professional salesperson comes across a prospect, he or she has an idea of ​​the steps needed to make the sale and build customer loyalty.

The problem is that often salespeople end up forgetting about their customers after closing the sale. And on the other hand, after the salesperson takes the sale, the administrative department is lost, looking for and requesting information about the customer from the sales team. There is no way to control a company without providing this information!

By using Nebo and the Scheduler intelligently, the seller can even issue the first invoice after closing. And if you do this correctly, passing all the information from the Agenda to Nebo, they will already be available for the finance department to continue receiving and, if new sales occur, all the information will already be available in both tools.

If you prefer, you can just create a procedure in which whenever the salesperson closes the first sale with a customer, he must register this customer on Nebo and notify the finance company to issue the invoice and generate billing slips, for example.

How to manage your company with Scheduler and Nebo

2. Never forget your customers

We live talking here on the blog that a big problem for the seller is to forget about their customers. And we point out that he doesn’t do it for bad, just because it’s humanly impossible to manage a customer base using just your brain.

The Agent helps the salesperson to never forget their customer, since it is possible to schedule alerts in advance for a phone call, meeting, purchase suggestion, or just to connect with your customers. It can even create a notice like this:

Register a new customer on Nebo and notify the finance company.

In this way, the seller and the customer are always in contact, making the relationship happen and the bonds between customer and seller getting closer and closer. And the finance company keeps track of all actions.

The consequence of this is that the customer begins to know and trust the company much more and, as a result, new opportunities arise.

4. Grow your email marketing base

Increasing the base of email marketing is the desire of the entire company. But many times, we end up forgetting to include our customers and the people who communicate with us by email in our mailings.

By registering your customer on the Agent it is possible to create customer lists with filters that will help to increase your email base in a simple and functional way.

With this, your company can expand the base of e-mails without needing each seller to create a list with names and respective contacts. To do this, just consult your customers and filter names, companies and emails.

So, in addition to controlling your customer data securely, you can still put some marketing automation into your routine and increase sales using the internet.

how to manage small business control

The Scheduler has filters that help to increase your mailing.

4. Keep an eye on stock

It may sound crazy, but every seller has sold something that was not in stock, but was in the system, right?

Thus, when the seller sold, he did not write off the quantities so that the product could be inactive when it ran out.

Therefore, the ideal is to have an inventory control program as well, such as NEX or GranMoney. See how controlling a company this way is easier?

how to manage small business control

You need to keep track of orders, inventory, and accounts receivable.

 Take control of a company by knowing everything that happens

How to control a company without controlling sales, inventory, accounts payable and receivable, suppliers and everything else that happens around you? Yes, this is a big challenge. After all, a lot of information comes from all sides and you have to be prepared to deal with it.

With the Agent, the commercial manager has full control over the sales routine and the company’s commercial performance. With Nebo, administrators can control strategic information in an uncomplicated way, especially if they also have an inventory control system.

By combining the performance and features of Agenda with the accounting and financial assistance of Nebo, it is possible to obtain the greatest performance and performance not only from teams, but also from how to manage a micro or small company towards growth.