How Small and Medium Businesses Can Do More With Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that has come to save the skin of small and medium-sized companies. If something isn’t going right, you will surely know how to fix and overcome difficulties.

If you, an entrepreneur, have already searched for several Marketing strategies and only achieved excessive expenses and few results, you should immediately think about investing right in Inbound Marketing.

Did you know that 93% of purchases made online start with a simple search in search engines?

And did you also know that 80% of consumers prefer to look for information about a particular product in a full article than in an advertisement?

If you want to learn how to leverage your brand and make excessive profits with this new sales model, check out this article!

How to use Inbound Marketing in favor of your company

The recent economic crisis we are facing has drastically affected many businesses and clearly investments have stagnated.

Thus, the best way to invest in successive growth for your small or medium business is to implement killer Inbound Marketing strategies. It is a relatively low investment and able to generate 70% more Leads for your business.

A well-developed Inbound Marketing plan for a Digital Marketing campaign , having the fundamental metrics as the objective, will certainly bring incredible results. But that’s in the long run, of course.

Consumers are changing the way they buy and compare products, so nothing is more certain than your company also changing strategies to suit the new interests of your target audience and reach new numbers in sales.

And Inbound Marketing arrived precisely to make this happen: it arrived to put an end to that old idea of ​​“buy at any cost”. Now companies deliver value before offering the product. In this way, they receive the consumer’s trust even before the ideal time of purchase.

It is the consumer who has the power to choose and you just need to win him over with relevant content that somehow solves some of his problems.

So it’s time to invest right in Inbound Marketing and reap the advantages and benefits that this model can bring you. Look:

What are the main benefits of Inbound Marketing for small and medium businesses

The main benefit of Inbound Marketing that we can already clearly see is the low cost. Inbound Marketing strategies cost an average of 62% less than techniques used by “old marketing”.

Another benefit that you will guarantee along your journey is to achieve the power to become an authority on the subject that your small or medium-sized business is inserted in the market. You will always be chosen when a need arises for your product.

With Inbound Marketing strategies your company will gain brand promoters, all because it is the best company in the field, which delivers daily information, maintains a lasting and respectful relationship with the customer and knows how to direct perfect and relevant content to the target audience .

You just need to keep the following sequence in mind: Create the right content for the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Now see how your company can start investing in Inbound Marketing results:

Reasons and How to Invest in Inbound Marketing

In the old days, in the Outbound Marketing era , consumers were bombarded with nasty midday calls, interrupted TV programming, spam, and a bunch of intrusive advertisements that overpowered consumers’ privacy.

These days they no longer support these abusive ads: there are powerful tools capable of blocking every one of them. For this type of concern, Inbound Marketing earns points.

See the main reasons for your small/medium business to invest in Inbound Marketing:

1 – You don’t need to chase customers

Yes, that’s the magic of Inbound. You just have the hard work of producing epic, high quality and relevant content that customers will come to you and likely convert to Leads and future loyal customers – if you keep a good job.

2 – Greater targeting power

With Inbound Marketing techniques, you’ll find it much easier to segment your audience, as well as define who your consumers are, find out what their real interests are, find out where to find them and the best way to approach them.

3 – Profitable results

Inbound Marketing’s job is to generate sales and conversions, no matter what means are needed to achieve these results. But, in the end, the return is extremely gratifying.

4 – Greater measuring power

With Inbound Marketing you have countless tools capable of measuring each campaign result, you know exactly how much you are investing, which action is giving results and which one needs to be modified.

This way, you will be investing in what will really bring you results and, best of all, with low cost, clear metrics and higher ROI.

5 – Differentiation from the competition

Through efficient Inbound Marketing strategies, you can stand out from the competition, your company can look for new means of innovation and create a totally new and higher quality content, standing out from the competition.

How should an SME invest in Inbound Marketing?

So, after knowing all these magnificent benefits that Inbound Marketing can offer for the future of your company, you may be asking yourself: but how can I start investing in this model?

Check it out:

1 – Define your audience

First of all, it is extremely important that your company knows who you want to reach, in this way the strategies will be better targeted.

Do some in-depth research and find out who your target is, what their expectations are, and what your company’s goal is.

Create the Persona that represents your target audience and start targeting specific content with her in mind.

2 – Be where your audience is

This phrase will also accompany you along your journey and you must know where your audience is to be able to hit the target precisely.

Check your presence on the main social networks, through them you will be able to research the behavior and main interests of your audience much more.

It is on social networks that you will find your target’s wishes, doubts and complaints from competitors, where you can do much better and stand out your brand.

3 – Have a good marketing plan in hand

Marketing planning is the essential tool to start your entire Digital Marketing journey.

Analyze the internal and external factors that can somehow affect the good performance of your company, study and understand in depth how your target audience’s buying journey works and also make a list of how your competition behaves in the market.

This will give you a basis to work on strategies better, define the company’s positioning and the objectives to be achieved.

4 – Create a blog

That’s where you’ll put all the information and problem solving your audience is looking for out there.

Create a blog full of relevant articles, with epic content that you can’t not share. Here your company will be recognized and will have more relevance than the competition.

Not to mention that this way you will be easily found in the main search engines.

It is a results strategy, both to get new conversions and to nurture your Leads that are not yet ready to buy.


Inbound Marketing is a methodology that has come to save the skin of small and medium-sized companies. If something isn’t going right, you will surely know how to fix and overcome difficulties.

Inbound’s sole purpose is to attract the right consumers to your product or service and to respectfully educate them to become satisfied customers and promoters of your brand. Very good, isn’t it?

Invest in this model and be prepared to climb the steps of success that await you!

So, after this complete explanation about the new marketing model, do you think your company should invest in Inbound Marketing? Tell us in the comments!