Do you want to find out how to open a franchise store? Below are the rules and benefits that can be obtained by creating or participating in an affiliate network. Why open a franchise: advantages and opportunities? For an entrepreneur who has a winning business idea and formula, creating a franchise network is ideal for expanding their business without […]

How many times have you ever wanted to close relationships with a customer who pays when he wants, with a supplier who is never punctual, with a collaborator who never does what he has to do? Let’s see how to dissolve a contract in compliance with the regulations. The contract has the force of law between the parties. Therefore, a contractor cannot […]

The permanent employment contract is the common form by which an employment relationship with no limits of duration is regulated between an employer and an employee, a worker or a manager. The agreement is used to govern the worker’s performance and the pay he will receive in exchange for his work. The permanent relationship, that is, without the provision of a deadline, is […]

Movable assets are a special legal category of goods. Let’s see together what they are, how they are regulated and with which contracts it is possible to sell or grant them for use. What are movable assets? The legal definition of property To understand what movable property is, we must first analyze the legal definition of “good”. For the Civil […]

A brief guide on how to successfully sell a business or business unit. Selling a company is not easy … To understand how to sell a company (technically a sale of a company or branch of a company) it is important to understand that it is a complex and articulated process, where the multiplicity of situations does not allow to […]

The main news of the GDPR The main innovations introduced concern the updating of privacy documents and the method of requesting consent, the introduction of new documents and processes regarding the collection, organization, and protection of data and new subjects to be appointed. Let’s see point by point all the GDPR requirements for privacy. 1. Privacy Policy The privacy information must always be provided in case of collection […]

The European GDPR Regulation has introduced some new features regarding the impact assessment for privacy (DPIA). Let’s see in detail what it is and when it is mandatory with the new rules. What is the Privacy Impact Assessment? The impact assessment for privacy is the analysis and internal mapping of data that is carried out to identify potential risks associated […]

With the Trademark License Agreement, the owner of a distinctive sign (licensor) allows another subject (licensee) to use his own trademark to distinguish products or services for a fixed or calculated fee on sales (royalty). The owner always retains ownership of the trademark and the licensee can use it under the established conditions. This allows the owner to economically exploit […]