9 project management tools to use in your agency

project management tools

According to the TechTreds survey, 77.1% of Brazilian agencies use some project management tool with the objective of making the administration of activities more productive

If you are looking for project management tools to adopt in your business, this post is for you! In it, we will introduce you to nine great tools on the market. Check it out below!

Planning, organizing schedules, producing content, creating campaigns for specific dates, taking care of customer relationships. There are really many activities necessary for the proper functioning of an agency.

Fortunately, to handle all this, there are several tools on the market that help agencies manage ongoing projects, mapping the stage at which each activity is at.

According to the TechTreds survey, carried out by Resultados Digitais in partnership with Rock Content, 77.1% of Brazilian agencies use some project management tool. The idea is to make the administration of activities more dynamic and functional.

If your agency is not yet part of this group,  in this post we bring you nine project management tools that can make your day at the agency even more productive.

1. Runrun.it

Despite its name, Runrun.it is a Brazilian software that serves to manage projects and monitor the workflow. Through it, it is possible to obtain reports on deadlines, project costs, and the performance of each professional involved.

Located in São Paulo, the SaaS (software as a service) company was founded in 2013 by three entrepreneurs and is on the list of the 100 most innovative companies in the country, according to the annual newspaper Valor Econômico.

2. iClips

In the market for over 15 years, iClips is a company focused on developing specific solutions for communication agencies.

Through the system, it is possible to organize the client portfolio, analyze the profitability of each one of them from complete reports, hire third parties, control with the timesheet and manage the entire financial part. The tool also facilitates the process of requesting and approving demands without the need for emails and meetings. In addition, it also makes it possible to build a personalized workflow, facilitating communication between all departments.

3. Operand

Operand’s idea is also to bring together all the agency’s activities in one place. The software allows you to create projects, report hours worked, manage the agenda and finances, make integrations and, ultimately, analyze the process.

The tool is paid and you can choose between monthly and annual plans. There is also the possibility to test it for a period of 7 days.

4. Asana

The Asana is a platform that serves to organize online teams whose differential is to mingle the functionality of communication and organization. It is available in web versions and as an app for Android and IOS.

The tool offers several useful features for agencies, such as to-do lists, team building and collaborative chat. It’s free, but there are paid plans with extra benefits.

5. Basecamp

The Basecamp is a paid tool of project management. It is useful for companies and freelancers, who can use it to organize workflows, reporting and timing activities.

As there is no free version (it is possible to try it for 30 days), Basecamp is a very complete tool. It is divided into activities, projects, chats, calendars, among other features that cover different phases of the project, from planning to analysis.

6. Trello

The kanban system for organizing tasks has been used for some time by company employees, who stick post its on the wall to follow the flow.

What Trello did was bring this Japanese method to the computer. The tool, launched in 2011, is already in use around the world, allowing the organization of tasks even by teams working remotely.

In it, it is possible to move the cards with the activities that are being carried out through the columns, following the project in a clear and visual way.

7. Art

The Artia is a  project management software and task that unites agile management functions such as Kanban boards, and traditional and schedules with Gantt charts. Everything is online and synchronized in real-time, allowing small businesses to start managing work more simply and advance techniques as needed.

Created in 2011 by Euax — a reference company in project management consulting — Artia is one of the first online software developed in Brazil and has many useful resources for agencies to organize, share and control clients’ jobs and projects.

8. Scopi

Canvas, SWOT, Pestal… There are many methods available for strategic planning. But how to organize them? This is where Scopi comes in , a process and project management system that helps to create and execute strategic planning in an integrated manner. With it, it is possible to gather in the same place the analysis of scenarios, business objectives, goals, project management, processes and tasks.

To stay on top of everything, the solution also sends a follow-up by email that shows the progress of the goals, projects and actions in which the team is working.

8. eKyte

The eKyte is a platform for Digital Marketing Management that addresses all phases of the projects: strategy, production, performance and knowledge.

The tool promises to increase team productivity and campaign results. It acts before and after marketing channels such as social networks, ad platforms, websites, email and automation. Guide and accelerate Digital Marketing teams to plan campaigns, produce, collaborate, optimize and learn. It has resources to help with: Branding, campaign planning, task and project control, review and approval, service for teams and digital library.

What about you, what project management tool does your agency prefer and what are its pros and cons? Share with us in the comments.