15 leadership tips: what to do and especially not to do


leadership tips for teams

What’s and what’s not to do to be an exemplary leader? Check out essential leadership and team-building tips to become an inspiration.

More than dealing with the complexity of the challenge, it is dealing with change.

In a competitive environment where products are always more commoditized, brands increasingly become the expression of an experience that improves or not people’s lives.

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Bottom of Form

In this context, the services provided and the contact with the teams (people you lead) have become the great differentials of leading companies.

To face this scenario, the leadership tips could not be clearer: overcome the indifference of your teams in customer service and know-how to face the frequent changes in the market, offering the best for your customers.

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To illustrate these findings and then provide a practical list of 15 tips for the leader who wants to act effectively, we’ve put together a series of research data that we’d like to share with you.

Team leadership data

how to lead a team

Good leaders inspire and empower teams.

Dolomite Research

What are the most critical factors for the company’s success? (It was allowed to point out more than one alternative):

  • 76% Leadership Development
  • 72% Talent Management
  • 72% Creating a high-performance culture

As can be seen, companies consider that leaders need to develop more and, in addition, better manage their talents and encourage teams to perform better.

KPMG Research

  • 91% believe that leaders do not act all the time in line with the company’s vision and values.
  • 70% believe that few leaders are seen as righteous and inspiring.

In this case, it is clear that either the organization does not correctly transmit its values ​​and vision, or that the leader does not believe in them. Furthermore, leaders have failed to set an example for their teams and promote their development.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Search

Most important skills for an executive:

  • 88% Flexibility for changes
  • 88% Lead and develop people
  • 87% collaborative spirit
  • 85% Creativity and innovation
  • 85% Anticipate and manage risks

This research shows once again that the leader’s role goes beyond commanding and delegating tasks, he must be able to understand and implement changes.

To do this, you must learn how to lead a team in search of new skills to be used in new scenarios, aided by creativity, innovation and team spirit.

Always being up to date on the latest management and marketing trends is one of the leader’s obligations. How about knowing the 8 best marketing books you have to read? Also take the opportunity to learn about our 15 book suggestions on leadership to improve your management of your sales team.

The bottom line is that a list of leadership tips would be extremely long and complex… but let’s go through some key concepts and then a practical list of leadership tips.

The leader must be able to understand and implement changes.

The leader must be able to understand and implement changes.

Essential Attitudes of the Modern Leader

What can a leader do to improve? There are a number of leadership and team management practices that a leader must keep in mind to hone his skills. Among the main ones, we can mention:

  • Be in tune with market changes;
  • Promote the change of attitudes necessary for your team to serve the “new consumer”;
  • Make plans in advance, not “on the fly”;
  • Ability to mobilize the team to execute their plans and obtain results;
  • Encourage teamwork activities;
  • Provide training and personal development;
  • Develop ways to integrate teams to leverage more “synergy”;
  • Having a sense of priority and passing it on to the group: what is important to get done first?
  • Comply with performance evaluation programs, defining improvement goals;
  • Give people and teams the necessary feedback, so they know what is working and what needs to be improved.

leadership and team development

Leading is anticipating changes and preparing the group to face them.

To transform these more conceptual leadership and team management attitudes and practices into real leadership tips that you can use on a daily basis, we made a more pragmatic and objective list, check it out!

15 leadership tips 

Often, some of the leader’s attitudes are more negative than positive and should be avoided. For this reason, we’ve divided our leadership and team building tips into 2 parts: what to do and what not to do. So let’s start with the tips on how to lead a team!

Leadership Tips, What You Should Always Do:

  1. Accepting suggestions, opinions and ideas
    Then reviewing them and giving feedback on why you accepted them or not. This will make your team increasingly innovative and creative, in addition to showing your tolerance and open mind.
  2. Know what the group expects from you
    does your team just want you to delegate roles and control their performance? What more do they need? Training, coaching, integration, clearer feedbacks, more inspiring challenges, more frequent meetings, understanding the company’s mission, getting to know you better? Talk to the team and find out what they miss.
  3. Understand the profile of each employee
    Different people profiles lead to different performance in different roles and tasks. There are 4 basic profiles: Analytical, influenced by logic and objective data; Entrepreneurs, motivated by the challenge; Expressive, they have a creative and visionary ideal that they want to achieve and also inspire in people; and Integrators, who love to integrate people and cultivate relationships. For each one, a different task and challenge!
  4. Set the example
    if you demand punctuality, be the first to arrive. If you think that the team must master English, be able to speak this language very well, if you believe that the group lacks technical knowledge, you should also be trained in this area. Of course, you can’t master every subject, because that’s what a multidisciplinary team and task delegation are for. But it is necessary to set an example. There is nothing worse than a leader who does not inspire the trust of his followers.

  5. Be balanced not just emotional balance, but balance when praising good performances or criticizing mistakes, financial balance when distributing awards or setting budgets, balance when delegating tasks, without favoring some if there are no logical and concrete reasons for doing so. Remember: no wonder the symbol of justice is a scale.

leadership tips

The leader must be an example to be followed by his followers.

What cannot a leader do?

The negative are always more faces understand. Check out how NOT to lead a team:

  1. Never assume the obligations you have delegated to someone else.
  2. Never criticize in public.
  3. Never lose your emotional balance.
  4. Never use the power of office to lead.
  5. Don’t treat your employees like replaceable parts.
  6. Never get emotionally involved with an employee.
  7. Do not set unattainable goals.
  8. Don’t ignore individuals’ personal lives.
  9. Don’t forget about yourself, your family and your friends.
  10. Don’t abandon your dreams.

How to be a good leader for managing a sales team?

The first step to effectively managing your sales team is to be seen as a leader by your team. It is through this respect that results will emerge.

Learn how to develop leadership, keep your team together, track each salesperson’s results, and more!