12 Motivational Documentaries for Sellers You Need to Watch


motivational documentaries

It is not only in fiction that you find the best tips and inspirations for your sales career. You can also learn great lessons from documentaries and the “real life stories” they tell!

You’ve probably already received several movie tips to help you overcome challenges and inspire your career as a salesperson, right? It is not by chance that we can take very important lessons from these works and easily apply them in our daily situations.

Generally, however, these nominations are from fiction films, which tell stories very close to reality, but still limited to the universe created by excellent directors and screenwriters.

How about, then, to diversify the movie session at your house a little and learn about motivational documentaries for salespeople that can help you boost your career by showing real stories of entrepreneurs, successful professionals and big brands?

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12 motivational documentaries to get your team moving!

Motivation at work is not always easy to achieve. That’s why we’ve selected some interesting documentaries that will help you generate sales motivation.

1. Tony Robbins: I’m not your guru

motivational documentaries

Tony Robbins is a coach and one of the greatest gurus today about personal and professional life.

Although somewhat controversial in relation to its content, it has an oratory capable of moving large audiences. As a salesperson, you have a lot to learn from him.

Engage your audience, ways to conduct your speech and how best to put emotion on the agenda.

In this motivational documentary, you can see him in action at the annual conference he leads in the United States, the “Date with Destiny”, and an event that brings together more than 2,000 people.

2. Betting on Zero

motivational documentaries

Herb life is one of the largest companies in the world, with a presence in over 95 countries and, of course, many, many sales made each year!

The purpose of the documentary, whose title can be translated into Portuguese as “betting on zero”, is to denounce the company’s supposed pyramid scheme, supported by thousands of resellers.

Aside from all the controversy, however, you can learn a lot about how sales can be made (or not).

It’s no coincidence that Herb life has become a world-class enterprise, and while it may be a very different business model from the one you are in, there are important lessons about sales motivation and accelerated growth in this story.

3. Freakonomics: The Movie

motivational documentaries

What makes people do what they do? This is the main question of this relevant documentary for sellers. Exemplifying the answers to this question with a series of situations in our daily lives, he entertains topics such as incentives and rewards.

Very useful content, this is one of those motivational documentaries for you to think about how you can engage your customers and prospects by discovering factors that really motivate them to make a decision or initiate an action!

4. TED Talks: Life Hacks

motivational documentaries

This interesting documentary brings together 10 TED Talks that inspire change in your life when it comes to producing more, finding your purpose and achieving success in your personal and professional life.

Among the speakers in this series are the likes of Amy Cuddly, Shawn Anchor and Joshua Fore. Good option to watch little by little, as if they were pills of knowledge!

5. Silicon Cowboys

motivational documentaries

Watch on Netflix

When the personal computer world seemed to have a single owner, three friends from Texas did what seemed unlikely.

This is the main plot of this documentary, which tells how Compaq faced the giant IBM in the 1980s, helping to transform the computing world of the time into what we know today.

Do you want greater inspiration than this for those scenarios where it seems impossible to convert your sales? Then watch one of the most amazing motivational documentaries you will ever see!

6. Seasonal Toys

motivational documentaries

Star Wars, Barbie, and He-Man… what can these themes have in common besides being toys that marked the childhood of those who lived in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s? Whoever answered that they are a real business class!

In this documentary series produced by Netflix, in each episode you learn the story behind famous toys, from their relationship with children’s imagination at that time to the marketing and sales strategies that led to a huge commercial success.

They really are interesting documentaries for anyone interested in launching new products.

7. Print the Legend

motivational documentaries

Inexistent until a few years ago, the 3D printing market is one of the hottest nowadays, with hundreds of established brands and new entrepreneurs betting on its potential.

This documentary, available on Netflix, shows you how these companies race to win customers and make their solutions the ones of choice for exponentially growing demand.

Good choice for sellers who, in addition to enjoying connecting with the business world, love to be up to date with technological news and consumer trends for the coming years!

8. Jiri Dreams of Sushi

Have you ever thought about still working after over 90 years of life?

Now, have you thought about continuing to work for decades in the same place, with the same determination as 60 years ago? And, on top of that, to be revered by your audience, who pay $300 for a dish made by you?

This is one of the motivational documentaries on our list that illustrates the life of Japanese Jiri Ono, who runs a sushi restaurant in Tokyo in exactly this way and prepares his son for succession in the business. A lesson in life, willpower and a lot of hard work to inspire your daily life as a salesperson!

9. The Secret

motivational documentaries

For those who believe in the power of attraction and the power of thought to succeed, the documentary The Secret is a classic.

With testimonials from successful philosophers, researchers, writers and professionals, he demonstrates how positive thinking about what you want to achieve can help you reach even the most difficult goals.

And how can you apply the Law of Attraction to your routine as a salesperson?

Just think about how everything seems to flow more easily when you’re in a good mood or with high energy: negotiations, client meetings and even problem solving can all become simpler!

10. Steve Jobs: The Billion Dollar Hippy

motivational documentaries

This one could not be missing from our selection of motivational documentaries. After all, any fictional film or documentary that illustrates the life of Steve Jobs is a true lesson in innovation, marketing and sales.

In this one, newcomer to Netflix, you can learn more about the ups and downs of Apple from testimonials from employees and executives of the company, who worked closely with its founder.

Be inspired by Steve Jobs’ legendary new product presentations and the bold go-to-market strategies developed by him and his team!

11. The Director – A creator at Gucci

motivational documentaries

Even a brand established in its market, such as Gucci, can go through turbulent times.

This interesting documentary shows how a large fashion company regained its power and influence with the entry of a new executive on the team, the Italian Frida Guanine.

The first woman to lead a fashion giant played a role far beyond the creative, as this film shows. Take the opportunity to learn how product and brand discourse help to sell more, even in extremely competitive scenarios!

12. from Business to Being

motivational documentaries

Finally, a documentary that helps you rediscover yourself as an individual and as a professional in those moments when the stress and pressure to achieve goals seem to get heavier.

In From Business to being, you will learn about the history of professionals from different areas and learn how they found new ways to deal with challenges such as anxiety and depression.

This motivational documentary can help you cope with the pressure and stress of everyday life and better connect your career, your health, your family and your personal tastes! This will improve your productivity!

Can motivational documentaries for salespeople help your career?

Can you really draw valuable lessons from movies and documentaries for your career as a salesperson?

Our opinion is for sure! That’s because those challenges that in everyday life seem difficult to be solved often find creative solutions at those times when you’re not actually working, but having fun.

Leisure time helps air your mind to act more innovatively and even more assertively in your professional life, whether you are out with your family, walking along the beach, having fun with friends or watching a good movie.

Documentaries – as well as group dynamics for motivation at work – although they do not have the same popularity as fiction films, they are a good opportunity for you to seek knowledge, inspiration and even fun to improve yourself as a professional and find different ways to cope with the different challenges of your sales routine.